Artist Talk: Laura Braun

Braun is an interesting photographer who has produced some very nice publications as well as some interesting series of photos. I think my Favourite work was ‘Trip’ which was produced in a small concertina folding book.

15_tripbook-1-2 15_tripbook-2-2

lecture notes:

Million Dollar Hotel – Wim Wenders. Deserted urbanism. desolation. aesthetic of urban decay and abandonment. Layers of history / traces of people / habitation. How do people live in the landscape? What happens when those people leave? Like Coney Island in the Winter..? Paper Tiger books. What connects people to a place? architecture / landscape / cars / shops etc. Preservation / Conservation. Is a book or a publication less precious than a fine art print? How does display affect this? Put it behind Glass. Museum. Curation. Visual narrative or connectedness of images…