Neal White

Fieldworks from the Museum of the Void

Chelsea Space June -July 2010

This exhibition featured some of a larger number of works made in Utah, USA between 2008-10. In particular, the exhibition drew attention to the fate of Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson, a canonical piece of Land Art, which is under threat from the ‘green’ revolution. Stripping valued organic fertilisers from natural resources, the Great Salt Lake Minerla Corporation is seeking to expand its evaporation ponds and is threatening to turn this site into desert. With Smithson ideas of entropy yeilding to the passage of time, and drawing on surplus archival objects of British artist John Latham, who held similar views of event structures, the works ask how and when does preservation take place, and what role does society and socially engaged practice have to play in this? In this extremely remote place, documented in a central film, Spiral Jetty itself was full of day trippers and preservation teams from Getty and Dia Foundation, highlighting issues of the social within the framing of the Museum of the Void, as the region was named by Smithson himself.

A catalgoue is available from Chelsea Space.

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