Sinta Werner, Setting the Setting, Nettie Horn, London

Having had a lecture and tutorial from Sinta Werner last year, I knew I should go an see this exhibition of her work at Nettie Horn, and it didn’t disappoint. It was really interesting to see perhaps a more commercial selection of her work than we had seen in her presentation. There was one large dominating installation of corrugated board – the kind that a lot of Ikea furniture is made of, sliced up and arranged in a kind of leaning shard formation, with reflexive images of itself printed onto the faces of the materials. There were also some wall-drawings of flat prismatic arrangements of grey shades. I feel like the tension between flatness and depth, and the warping of perspective in her work is very powerful, and worked very well in these pieces.

DSC_0031 IMG_3666IMG_3644DSC_0062DSC_0053IMG_3668