The Vivisector, curated by Todd Levin. Sprueth Magers London

Sherman. Untitled 253

A group show featuring works by Cindy Sherman, Bruce Nauman and Hans Bellmer among others, exploring themes of grotesque, sexual violence, political correctness and vulgarity. The show is presented in a seedy, atmospheric, dimly lit gallery space, with dark painted walls, and a selection of visually hard hitting images – particularly Sherman’s Large scale sexually charged Photographic images of mannequins and disfigured dolls. Though these images are familiar to me (we had one of them in the gallery I used to work in and I’ve installed it many times) they still maintain a visceral power that it seems would never subside.

A series of smaller black and white photographs of disfigured dolls presented in pornographic poses is hung in a corner cluster high up in the room, as if to evoke the sense of exorcised demons clinging to the ceiling. The result is an unsettling exhibition, that provokes perhaps unwanted thoughts of child abuse, sexual violence, and perhaps some elements of very dark humour.