Anthony Gormley, Model, White Cube, Bermondsey

I went to see this show with fairly low expectations, as I find Gormley’s work can be a bit obvious, but I was pleasantly surprised by the variation and scale of this exhibition.

IMG_1552 IMG_1554

Frstly I thought the room of models and maquettes on a small scale was very interesting – it really gave an idea of the scale of Gormley’s studio operation, knowing each of these small models could be seen as an artwork in its own right and there must have been about 100 of them.

The main attraction of the show though was the huge installation in the largest of the spaces in the gallery, a kind of huge interpretation of the huma body made from 2cm sheet steel, the scale of which was difficult to comprehend. The visitor was encouraged to venture inside the structure into a dark maze of cuboid spaces, each of which differed in size and shape, and that loosely related to a part of the human body – although this was not entirely apparent when inside the piece. It was fairly mind-blowing I must admit – there was a kind of monumental calm and subtlety that you wouldn’t usually associate with work in this scale and material. It was very good.