Grey Areas…

I have started to realise that the main driving point behind most of the work that I have produced throughout the course is rooted in definition, or rather indefinition. I am realising that it is the grey areas between things that I like my work to resonate in. I noticed recently a lot of people have asked me what kind of work I make, and I always find it very difficult to answer – and usually end up saying “sort of sculpturey, collagey, imagey, installationey things”. I suppose this is where I like my work to operate – in the somewhat indefinable areas between all these disciplines, and I think it is this quest for the indefinable that has led my choices of working materials such as two-way mirror and textured glass. I think that is also why I feel the need to work quickly, and move from one project to the next, because once I have clarified the work in my own mind it no longer interests me so much.

Much of my research has been into grey areas, or things in limbo, placeholders, things that suggest, but do not reveal etc. This is starting to come through in my own work.

photo copy photo

When exploring some arrangements of various materials in my studio yesterday, I began to think of the potential for images in found or manufactured objects and materials. That is always the area of sculpture that I’ve found most interesting – the imagery and patterns within the materials, rather than a relationship between objects. When looking at Ian Kiaer’s work, without doing any reading or research about it, I found myself trying to justify some connections or narratives between the individual objects within his installations and not really getting anywhere towards understanding the work. I feel like this is where I’ve been approaching my own work in the wrong way recently, by trying to forge superficial connections between distinct objects and materials, rather than looking for imagery within the materials that together can form some kind of coherence. I think this is something worth exploring, and might be quite freeing in my approach to making / producing / finding / arranging….