Group Exhibition: Ides of March

Rachael House at Space Station 65 has kindly offered us Camberwell PT students a chance to put on an exhibition for one night only at the Kennington space – an excellent opportunity to show some new work outside college, and more good practice for working together on the final show. Gin volunteered me to coordinate the project, so I have been to meet with Rachael House and Joe David, the two directors to discuss what exactly is on offer, and what the various conditions and constraints would be for us.

After reporting back to the group there were lengthy discussions about how we would go about curating something interesting, that wasn’t just like a miniature degree show with a bunch of random work thrown together. One of the things I was keen to do was split the group in two, and have two separate shows on different nights, affording us all a bit more space to play with, and allowing for more concise links between the works on display. After a long discussion this was agreed on, and we split the group in two based on who was available for which dates – one in March and one in May.

Being in the first group with a show in March, we only had three weeks until opening night, so everything started to happen pretty quickly. We had a flurry of meetings, where we came up with a title and a concept, press material, a limited edition publication, so there was now the small matter of producing the work….

I had in mind my two-way mirror geodesic dome – which has been waiting for an opportunity to see the world since the summer, and knowing that it needed something like a screen or projection to work with it, so I decided to ask Billy if he would like to collaborate with me, and produce a film that would interact with the dome in some way. Below are some images of early experiments in my studio… we shall see what the final version looks like..

P1040644 P1040651