Letterpress: business cards

As part of our final show James and I have made a limited run of letterpress printed business cards. Without trying to go too far in the direction of branding and commercial design, we think it’s important to consider every aspect of potential marketing material that is out there with your name on it. It is all pointing towards a level of professionalism I think is important when trying to market yourself to potential gallerists and collectors. We very much consider these as part of the work, and have produced them in a similar way to the exhibition space – choosing to go through a laborious process in order to get ht ebest results.

I never would have done this if I was working on my own – and it just so happens that my collaborator runs the letterpress department at Camberwell… one of the many benefits of collaboration!

The final card is hand set Univers Light Italic 14/16 type and custom n-dash in silver/black hand mixed ink on medium grey 250gsm paper. Duplexed.